The Wisdom of the Jackal
AnubisSearching the light through dark times
He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise.Anubis
Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching (c. 600 B.C.)

Guiding Yourself through a Spiritual Path

Welcome to the new network. it is s drastic change from what was previously on this site but times have changed... Now, back to the topic: Guiding yourself through a spiritual path. Well, it is not as simple as it sounds but this site will attempt to explain some of the basic concepts of what is meant by "know Thyself" and how that may be related to attaining a higher state of Consciousness. there are no guarantees, no rules or specific paths that you must follow and no guidance from "up above" or from some super Guru. If you were looking for any of these, try a site along the lines of or, and don't forget to pack up your cristals full of love and your angel cards. Excuse the sarcasm, but there is no time to indulge in superficial New Age stuff that will only numb your mind and not get you to the point. There isn't much time to get a critical mass of semi-evolved consciouness in our plane of existence in order make it to the "next level". The problem is, that next level can only be unlocked from within you, probably the most difficult and complicated place to look in. And that won;t happen on its own so...

Where to begin

There are numerous ways start such a journey. One that works rather well for a lot of people is to start with digging into humanity's past. You will notice that a lot of questions arise when you dig, most of which have not been properly answered by our current level of science. Once you start asking the right questions you are already making your way through the Rabbit Hole... On the left are some books you may find useful to being with. There are plenty more in the Books section. The links provided are of several sites of interest that I recommend you read as well. Be aware that no book or website will contain the whole truth or the ultimate answer. that is something you can only find within you. However the information contained may give you some guidance as it has for others. Enjoy your chosen journey and remember that there is nothing more powerful than your own Consciousness. Free Will is the key.

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